We want your vehicle! Get the best value for your trade-in!


    Enjoy it

   Thank you Mr. Duffy. Enjoy it!

     "My wife loved the Wrangler so much, she forgot about me.  Thank you everyone for making our experience a great on!"


   "LOVE my new Wrangler, thank you so much, Tim.:

     ~Janet M.

  The picture says it all.  We appreciate your business and hope yall enjoy your new jeep.  You picked a really nice one!


~ Tim Capo

WWHHAATT !!!!  Always great to see Wranglers are used for great family fun. Thats awesome!!


~ Tim Capo

Another Happy Wrangler owner... Rodgers Wranglers....Charleston's HOME for Wranglers!!

It does not matter what age you are, male or female and anything else.  Wranglers are FUN for EVERYONE!  Enjoy it!!

~ Tim Capo

    "I have been wanting a Wrangler since I was a child.  Thanks to Rodgers Wranglers, I have my Wrangler. Thanks guys!!"


~ Enjoy it, 

Tim Capo

Another Happy Wrangler owner... Rodgers Wranglers....Charleston's HOME for Wranglers!!


~ Tim Capo

Enjoy your new Jeep. You said you had one before so I hope this one makes you even happier!

~ Tim Capo


Everybody come see Mr. and Mrs. Bogstad at     T H E    R U S T Y   B U L L  ! ! !  They got their Wrangler from Rodger's Wranglers and they hope all #JEEPERS will stop in for a nice cold brew sometime.  Great beer, great people and wonderful atmosphere... See yall at the  R U S T Y  B U L L 


~Tim Capo

   Thank you Mrs. Leslie T. for your business and allowing me to help you. Enjoy your Jeep and have fun towing it behind your RV.  Sounds like a lot of fun.  #JEEFLIFE


~Tim Capo

     I know you have been looking for the perfect Wrangler for a long time.  We are glad you bought it from here AND having the confidence in us to help you and your family.  We really appreciate the business and hope the entire family enjoys it!




                     G O     G A M E C O C K S  ! ! ! ! !

         Go see Chris at Tavern and Table and let him know how nice of a jeep he's got! Great guy and Great bartender.



~Tim Capo

     Love IT!

             Does not matter who your favorite college team is.......everyone likes tailgating in a Wrangler!

    "Happy Happy!!  Finally got my Wrangler!"

     This is their 3rd Wrangler from Rodger's Wranglers.

    Hope you enjoy your new Wrangler.  Thank you for your Military Service. God Bless!

~ Tim Capo

  "Great people to deal with!"

  "Love everybody here and my little dog does too."

 "This has been the best car buying experience I've ever had, by far! Mr. Tim is the best.  He was so patient as I walked up and down the entire lot looking for what I wanted.  He was very knowledgeable about all the vehicles.  The process was hassle free.  I would recommend that anyone come to Rodger's Enterprises and straight to Mr. Tim.

   "I could not be happier with the guys at Rodgers Wranglers. I got an awesome Wrangler and a fair price. Thank you all."

 "Rodgers Enterprises and Tim Capo takes the car buying experience to another level.  They are like family, easy to talk to and easy to deal with.  There was absolutely no pressure and no "selling" from the guys.  I told them what I wanted, they showed me what they had and we made a deal.  I would recommend them to everyone."

                                                                    ~Peter S.  

   "Family Vehicle!!!! Thats what my wife told me. So, I bought a 4 door!" 

    "I could not be happier with the guys at Rodgers Wranglers. I got an awesome Wrangler and a fair price. Thank you all."

"Tim Capo was a very nice man and was extremely helpful. I have wanted a Wrangler for a long time and finally got what I wanted. Thank you Tim for all your help."

Congrats!! You have been wanting a Jeep Wrangler and now you have one that you really want! Perfect!


~ Tim Capo

Thank you so much for you business.  I know you had been shopping around all day and was getting frustrated at the whole process.  You said you wish you would have come here first....well I hear that a lot from people.  Not only did we find you exactly what you wanted, but you left here laughing and with a smile on your face.  FRUSTRATION GONE!

~Tim Capo




Maggie L.

" I love my new Jeep! This is my second car I got from Tim. If I keep wrecking them I will be buying more.  HAHA I wish I was ordinary. I can be ordinary.  Shop at Rodgers Enterprises. "

                                            ~Maggie L



                "Who says a Wrangler can't be a family vehicle. Not only is this 4 door a great family vehicle but it has a nice lift kit, New rims and Tires, winch on the front, snorkel and even a water tank and hose on the rear bumper (never seen that before).  Now my family and I can ALL go off-roading if we want...and spray it off when were done. Thank you 'EL CAPO' for your help and the demonstration on how everything works."

12 JKU


                      "Tim Capo was a very nice man and was extremely helpful. I have wanted a Wrangler for a long time and finally got what I wanted. Thank you Tim for all your help."




                         "RUBICON baby! Hardtop and dressed out with new rims and tires....I got one great looking Rubicon.  So people put a Rubicon decal on their 'X' Wrangler....those are RUBI-CANT'S.  This one is the real deal and I got it at Rodgers. 

13 JKU Rubicon


                       "I could not be happier with the guys at Rodgers Wranglers. I got an awesome Wrangler and a fair price. Thank you all."




                             Congratulations on your new ride. The RARE AND ELUSIVE LJ or TJU. Long body wheel-base in a 2 door wrangler.  Not many of these babies out there. Thank you for your business and enjoy your UNICORN!

                           ~Tim Capo (843-553-1330)

                           Rodgers Wranglers.com


                   "ON-LOT financing with no credit check and a four door.  Thanks guys!"

2008 JKU


                 "Ever since 2007 when the Unlimited JK's (4door) came out I have wanted one.  Two doors were not practicle and not enough room for me and my family. Now I can have a Wrangler and a family vehicle all in one.  LOVE IT!"

2012 JKU


                          "This is my 2nd vehicle I have bought from Tim. He is always respectful of my time and my needs.  I trust him very much and I have always wanted a Wrangler...NOW I GOT ONE! Thank you Tim."

TJ wrangler


                 "Best deal in town!  Come see all the guys at Rodgers Wranglers.  If you dont want a JEEP.... go to the Rodgers Enterprises side and get everything else they have.  They have it all. Thanks guys for everything."

07' Unlimited Wrangler Sahara



         Thank you for your service.  Its always a pleasure to help our military and first responders. You picked out a great looking Wrangler.  Let us know when your ready for some big tires and a lift kit.....WE DO THAT TOO!

      Enough said..........


         "Tim Capo was just what I needed to help me make the right decision.  I appreciate that and thank you very much.  I love my Jeep and recommend all my friends to stop by to see him whether you want a Jeep or something else.  They have everything."

                  ~Lori N.


            Got a new Wrangler and won the $300 drawing too! Great job

        Yes, the four door is a great family vehicle.  Now you can take the whole family off-roading!


                Enjoy your new Wrangler, congrats. She is a real beauty!

Mr. William L.

~2004 Wrangler LJ

           "Tim Capo and Rod made my first Jeep an amazing experience. A great deal on a great Jeep!"

                                              ~Willian Loyd V.


Mr. Eddie Y.

           "Quick service, Excellent staff, made me feel welcomed and with NO hassle whatsoever!"

                      ~Eddie Y.


         ~~Thank you Eddie for the nice words and thank you for your service. Enjoy your new ride.

                                 ~Tim Capo

Mr. Robert R.

  Very RARE and hard to find Wrangler LJ.  This is One of less than 1000 ever built.  Robert, congrats on your new wrangler and Im glad you found that ONE in a thousand Wrangler that you truly wanted.  Happy off-roading.

                         ~Tim Capo

Jomir and Josef

             "Great service from a great group of professionals. They made my son's FIRST car buying experience a very memorable one!   Thanks Tim....and Tim. haha."

                                    ~Josef and Jomir B.

Michael P.

     Congratulations Michael on your new Jeep,  new puppy AND your new baby.  Jeeps make a great family vehicle.  Thank you for you business and thank you for your service.  We always try our best to help our military in any way possible.  Again, thank you and congratulations on everything. God has truly blessed you.

                     ~Tim Capo 


         "I had a very good experience for a first time buyer! Very good customer service! I will definitely be back for my next vehicle."


                                                     ~Jessica A.

                                               2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited


2010 Jeep Wrangler 4x4 Unlimited~  

Congratulations on your new Wrangler.  Glad we could help you and thank you very much for your service.  We always do our best to help our military.  Have a great day and enjoy your Wrangler.

                               ~Tim Capo


"I have bought many vehicles from Tim Capo. Im always happy with my vehicles and enjoy the great conversation. I recommend everyone to go see Tim."

                                                          ~Brad S.

Suzanne U.

  Glad we could help you find this RARE piece.  A 2 door Wrangler 4x4 LJ...they didnt make many of these.  Have fun at the Jeep Club and send me some pictures and video of some of those crazy off road adventures yall like to do!

~2005 Jeep Wrangler 4x4 LJ

                                                             Happy Off-Roading,

                                                               Tim Capo

Chad S.

     Chad, you must love our Wranglers...This is your 2nd one now!  Enjoy your new 4x4 and pleasant OFF-ROADING!!  Please tell everyone at the Charleston Jeep Club we said hello. 

~2008 Jeep Wrangler 4x4 Rubicon

                                                Happy Off-Roading,

                                                     Tim Capo

Andre G.

     Congradulations to Andre.  You have purchased 4 vehicles from us.....but this is your first Wrangler!  Im sure you will enjoy it.  Thank you again for another purchase.  Im sure you will enjoy your new ride.

~2007 Jeep Wrangler 4x4

                                                                   Have a great day,

                                                                         Tim Capo